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Open Meeting interviews: lights, cameras, action!

Six key opinion leaders have been interviewed during the Open Meeting of Tirana and have shared with us their points of view and their direct experiences in contributing in the DEEP study as well as working in a European context. The interviews offer an interesting picture of what the clinical research in Albania has achieved so far and what its legacy will be, in particular in light of a more tight international collaboration within a European research Network, as the DEEP project is. […]

DEEP Open Meeting in Tirana

On May 18th, 2015 CVBF organised in collaboration with the University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” (UHCT), an Open Meeting in Tirana with the aim to foster the clinical research in Albania and raise the attention on the importance of the European Networks to create synergies to spread excellence and attract European funding. The meeting, promoted in the framework of the Eu-funded project DEEP (DEferiprone Evaluation in Paediatrics) was accredited by the Albanian National Centre of Continuing Education, QKEV and provided 101 participants with 5 CME credits for Continuing education for healthcare professionals. […]

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Lushnja (Albania) hosted the first edition of the Scientific Conference on Thalassaemia

On June 2nd, 2015, the city of Lushnja (Albania) hosted the first edition of the Scientific Conference on Thalassaemia at the City History Museum, with the participation of international prominent personalities in the field of clinical research, such as Prof. Adriana Ceci (Scientific Director of Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche and President of Gianni Benzi Pharmacological Research Foundation), Prof. Gaspare Adorno and Prof Francesco Brancati from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Prof. Natale Capodicasa (President of the Association of donors in Tirana) and Prof. Aldo Brancati (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Università Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio – UCNSBC of Tirana). The Scientific Conference has been officially opened by the Chief Executive Officer of CVBF Albania, Donato Bonifazi, the Mayor, Fatos Tushe and the General Secretary of the “Associazione TALASSEMICI”, Mura Zenelaj. […]

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DEEP at the XXIV GIQAR National Congress: Naples, Italy

GIQAR (Gruppo Italiano Quality Assurance nella Ricerca), established under the SSFA, has organized its XXIV National Congress at the Royal Continental Hotel of Naples (Italy) from May 27th to 29th, 2015. The event, entitled ” La Qualità e le GXP: l’asticella si sposta sempre più in alto” (Quality and GXP: the bar is moved higher and higher) wanted to emphasize the effort to allow compliance with new laws with respect to GXP and maintain a solid quality system. The most important legislative innovation in this context, is represented by the new European Regulation on Clinical Trials that will undoubtedly result in an adjustment of the quality systems to implement the innovations planned. In addition, the adaptation to new technologies in the GXP (e.g. Good Laboratory Practice), where studies on Gene Therapy should be carried out according to GLP, was highlighted. […]

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CVBF at the second edition of Nextwork Forum in Bucharest

On May 16th, 2015, the city of Bucharest (Romania) hosted the second edition of the European Projects Forum Nextwork, a 2-day meeting aiming to enhance communication in the European projects, strengthen coordination and improve collaboration among local and international partners. On that occasion, project managers and dissemination leaders from EU Member States and neighbouring countries, were invited to reflect on dissemination strategies in order to share qualitative information about European projects. Donato Bonifazi, CEO of CVBF and member of the Steering Committee of the Nextwork Forum, participated in the meeting  as speaker in the  Foresight “Health & Biotechnology”. His presentation, entitled “GRiP, EnprEMA and Teddy: the European Networks for Paediatric Research”, was focused on networks and organizations of paediatric research and other international initiatives. He highlighted the increasing importance acquired by the paediatric networks in the process of developing high level paediatric research, through the example of the following three networks:  GRiP (Global Research in Paediatrics), a Network of Excellence aimed at promoting the availability of drugs for paediatric use and building consensus on international standards, methodologies and tools for paediatric research; Enpr-EMA, the network established at the European Medicines Agency to coordinate the paediatric research networks, aimed at facilitating studies in order to increase availability of medicinal products authorised for use in the paediatric population;  TEDDY Network, a European Network of Excellence for Paediatric Clinical Research,  aimed at facilitating the performance of good quality paediatric studies and research. […]

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DEEP Open Meeting in Tirana: Networking and Innovation for local development

The Open Meeting of the DEEP (DEferiprone Evaluation in Paediatrics) project will be held in Tirana at the Hotel Tirana International on May 18th, 2015 DEEP is a 4-year European research Project (FP7) coordinated by CVBF and comprises 28 recruiting sites located in 5 European Countries (Albania, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom) and 5 non-European Countries (Egypt, Lebanon, Marocco, Tunisia and Turkey), 16 scientific partners and a pharmaceutical group based in Canada. The Open Meeting is promoted by Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche (CVBF) in collaboration with University Hospital Center “Mother Teresa” (UHCT) and will be the occasion to raise the attention on the progresses achieved by the clinical research in Albania and the importance of the European Networks to create synergies to spread excellence and attract European funding. […]

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DEEP-2 Efficacy/Safety Study Newsletter – Issue 4

The fourth issue of the newsletter pertaining to DEEP-2 clinical trial, one of the three studies at the bottom of the DEEP Project (DEferiprone Evaluation in Paediatrics) was published on January 7th, 2015. This Newsletter highlights the main progresses achieved in the study advancement since July 2014 and provides an overview on the status of the participant experimental sites up-to-date as of the 31th of December 2014, from different points of view (regulatory, monitoring, recruitment). It also includes the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) emerged, that are all available on the DEEP website. See the newsletter for more data.

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DEEP Project Meeting at VII Foresight Training Course

The DEEP Project, coordinated by the Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Farmacologiche (CVBF), was presented on the 2nd of October, 2014, during the seventh edition of the Foresight Training Course, organised by the Gianni Benzi Pharmacological Research Foundation (FGB). The initiative was part of the European Projects Forum “Nex-t-work” (October 2-4, 2014), a forum aimed at networking and developing international relations with the various players of the EU grant-funded projects in order to share best practices. The ‘Foresight Training Courses’ (FTCs) are short intensive courses devoted to create a critical mass of expertise in the different areas of Regulatory Sciences (medical devices, foods, medicinal products), with particular reference to the innovative advancement of the European Pharmaceutical and Biological products sectors. The meeting was the occasion to present DEEP with its achievements and results, and to focus the attention of the audience on congenital haemoglobinopathies, the most common congenital rare diseases in the world. […]

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DEEP-2 Efficacy/Safety Trial First Newsletter

The first newsletter of the DEEP-2 clinical trial of the DEEP Project, performing an efficacy/safety test to compare deferiprone with deferasirox, was published on March 31st, 2014. It contains the latest recruitment data as well as the FAQ in order to address some issues raised by the investigators. […]

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Meeting EuroMed Common Challenges: Horizon 2020 Launching Conference

The DEEP Project and its development was presented at the regional conference “Meeting EuroMed Common Challenges”, organised on February 9th 2014 in Cairo by the European Commission to launch Horizon 2020. “DEEP is a success story because DEEP is a special project”, underlined DEEP Scientific Coordinator and member of the PDCO-EMA Adriana Ceci. […]

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