Arianna Bertolani

Head of Project Development Area

Donato Bonifazi

Chief Executive Officer

Sandra Brasil

Social Media Manager

Elisa Cattani

Clinical Trial Archivist

Maria Cavallo

Patient Advocacy and Communication Manager

Adriana Ceci

Scientific Advisor

Ornela Cullufe

Clinical Research Associate and Regulatory Officer

Arlinda Demeti

Clinical Research Associate

Rosa D’ignazi

Head of Administration, Accounting and Financing Area

Giusi Di Leo

Accounting Manager

Ana Dilo

Clinical Project Manager

Mariagrazia Felisi

Quality Assurance Head

Mariapaola Felisi

Clinical Research Associate and Data Manager

Paola Gandini

Clinical Research Associate and Data Manager

Bonka Georgieva

Project Development Manager

Francesco Giordano

Data Protection Officer

Manika Kreka

Medical Expert

Giulia Maggi

Data Manager and Biostatistician

Silvia Maestroni

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Cristina Manfredi

Senior Regulatory Officer and EudraVigilance Specialist​

Senior Regulatory Officer

Giovanni Migliaccio

Scientific Director

Marina Montanaro

Financing Manager and Regulatory Officer

Rosa Padula

Senior Data Manager and Clinical Research Associate

Claudia Pansieri

Project Development Manager and Biostatistician

Eleonora Passeri

Communication Manager

Silvia Pulici

Senior Clinical Research Associate

Giorgio Reggiardo

Research Methodologist Expert​ and Biostatistician

Head of Bio-Statistics

Barbara Vitolo

Senior Clinical Research Associate