The resources operating in this Area carry out the activities related to the project and the administrative management, and relate with the external consultants to ensure the fulfilment of the administrative and fiscal obligations. The main activities are:

  • Deal with the management of the funded projects and support the Project Managers;
  • Fill the reporting forms of the projects and store the support documentation;
  • Manage the qualification process of suppliers and verify purchase orders before submitting to the signature of the relevant functions (arrange purchase orders and deal with suppliers);
  • Handle the purchase processes, from the estimates acquisition to the proper execution of the supplies;
  • Perform cash checks, banks, and purchase / sales bills;
  • Deal with the receipts and payments;
  • Store the contract documents and the copy of the accounting, financial and administrative documents related to the clients and suppliers, personnel and collaborators, partners and reference institutions;
  • Directly manage or provide external consultants with all the data necessary for the upgrade of accounting records, the preparation of the financial fulfilments, as well as the revision activities;
  • Handle the mail, legal mail, protocol and archives.