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CVBF – Innovation in paediatric clinical research

CVBF, partner of the Gianni Benzi Pharmacological Research Foundation and the paediatric clinical research activities carried out through its DEEP project have been the object of an article published on “Il sole 24 ore – Eventi Sud” on 20th October with the title “CVBF – Innovazione nella ricerca clinica pediatrica” (CVBF – Innovation in paediatric clinical research). Donato Bonifazi, CEO of CVBF and Project Manager of one of CVBF main paediatric projects, DEEP (DEferiprone Evaluation in Paediatrics) has highlighted its value: “The DEEP project will also lead to the collection of information intended for regulatory purposes and may thus provide an important contribution to paediatric research in giving the opportunity to many children in the world to have a new syrup specifically tested for them “. […]

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