CVBF’s networking activities are aimed at the creation of research networks in the consortium’s specific areas of competence. The interaction and the active involvement of the main stakeholders facilitates the transfer of the achieved know-how at different levels, leading to a strengthening of the scientific excellence promoting national and international research.

Research networks conceived within CVBF are the , which was developed under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development with the goal of supporting and strengthening the scientific and technological excellence in the paediatric sector in Europe and the Inter-regional Network for Thalassemia: , aimed at the acquisition, elaboration and sharing of epidemiological, clinical, technical, engineering, organisational, managerial, ethical, legal, social and economic knowledge related to the thalassaemic population. At the end of the funding period, the Task-force was further renewed and now TEDDY is an independent multidisciplinary and multinational Network composed of partners composed of partners from 15 countries, where researchers, scientists and health experts are still working together to identify the most appropriate common rules that reflect the specificity of this patient population.

Moreover, CVBF is one of partner of the GRiP International Network of Excellence (NoE), aimed at stimulating and facilitating the development and safe use of medicines in children and is proposing the establishment of EPCT-RI (European Paediatric Clinical Trials Research Infrastructure), a research infrastructure (RI) addressing the paediatric research theme all across Europe with innovative scientific and methodological strategies.