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The European Week of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME WEEK): Technological SMEs for Health Industry

During the SME WEEK, the European Week of Small and Medium Enterprises and together  with all partners of the SMARTINNO project, co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the program of cooperation “IPA Adriatic Cross-Border 2007-2013”, the Science and Technology Park Valenzano (Ba), Tecnopolis, Department of Medical Technology, organized from 16th to 20th November, 2015, a 5-day event entitled “Technological SMEs for the health industry“, dedicated to the important contribution that SMEs make to’innovation in the health system. The SME Week, which took place in 37 European countries with the aim of promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, has been an important protagonist of the economic recovery as it had a key role in the search for innovative solutions and the preparation of new products and services. Innovation in health technology, the common thread of the event, has, in fact, the power to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the personal care, both through revolutionary steps in medical prevention, diagnosis and treatment, and through the application of innovative technology to do more with fewer resources, and combining the needs and the legitimate demand of citizens to have better services with compression needs, or at least rationalized expenditure. The innovative technologies will support Europe for more sustainable health care and a more competitive industry because SMEs are vital for certain solutions, and their needs must be taken into account when developing successful policies for the health industry. Prominent guests in the field of clinical- scientific training -, attended the scientific sessions, which, with CME credits, were focused on in-depth thematic areas in terms of new technologies applied to health (advanced diagnostics, home care, image analysis, technologies for rehabilitation, information for patient health management, etc.). […]