The EU Health Coalition, consisting of 47 partners from various sectors across Europe, is dedicated to driving change for a healthier Europe. As a proud partner in this coalition, CVBF joins forces with organizations from civil society to promote a shared vision of health in Europe.

With the upcoming 2024 European Parliament elections, the coalition recognizes the chance to emphasize the necessity for a robust and integrated health policy strategy at the European level, rooted in a “One Health” approach. By doing so, the coalition aims to ensure that health-related concerns are given due attention, as they are essential for the well-being, prosperity, and future of European citizens.

For these reasons, the recently unveiled EU Health Coalition manifesto aims to elevate health on the political agenda and address the current challenges posed in the healthcare and life science field. The primary objective of the coalition is to advocate for the implementation of jointly developed recommendations by EU, national, and regional policymakers, as well as other relevant organizations. Comprising patient organizations, research-oriented medical societies, industry organizations, healthcare providers, regional and local health authorities, foundations, and other relevant stakeholders, the coalition embraces a diverse range of perspectives. Together, these partners envision a Europe where health and care systems prioritize people, science, and innovation. The coalition’s work rests on four key pillars: advancing digital transformation, boosting research and innovation, accelerating access to innovation, and fostering health systems integration. Through these pillars, the coalition aims to ensure that health remains a top priority and advocate for the necessary changes to build future-proof and resilient health systems. CVBF, acting as Co-Chair of the Working Group “Boosting Research & Innovation” together with Biomed Alliance, contributed in particular to the development of the recommendation related to the improvement of the European research and innovation sector.

The manifesto proposes several concrete steps to advance health and life sciences in Europe. These include making European health systems truly integrated and people-centred, investing in upskilling the health workforce with a focus on sustainable digital infrastructure and data, reframing healthcare expenditure as an investment rather than a cost, creating a robust research and innovation hub in Europe, and establishing a dedicated health and life science office in the European Commission.

The interdependence of health and the economy cannot be understated. European citizens have identified health and the economy as top priorities, recognizing that healthy and productive populations drive economic growth and development. By allocating resources to support health systems, from prevention to care, Europe can maximize long-term value in terms of health outcomes and future cost savings.

For more information, visit the Health Coalitions website and read the manifesto here.

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