The newly launched “European Reference Networks” Program has recently focused its organisational activities by assembling their first Board meeting on December 5th, which rounded up the official representatives of the Member States.

The resolutions of this event involved electing a chairperson and approving regulatory procedures.

ERNs are a feature of the EU Directive on Cross-border healthcare and are aimed at uniting the best specialists from across Europe to tackle complex or rare medical conditions that require highly specialised healthcare and a concentration of knowledge and resources.

Furthermore, a tender for a Study on the services to be provided by the European Reference Networks and its Members has been published on the 8th of December. The purpose of this contract is to provide a conceptual framework, catalogue and analysis on the typology, characteristics and cost of services to be provided by the European Reference Networks and its Members.

The last item on this month’s agenda is the contract that will be signed, before the end of the year, between the Commission and the contractor for systemizing an evaluation manual and toolkit intended to support proper assessments of ERN proposals.
For further information on cross-border healthcare and ERNs, please visit the dedicated website.

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