On January 24th, a milestone was reached for clinical research in Albania. Three leading CROs came together to sign the statute establishing the Albanian CRO Association (ACROA).

The founding partners aim to collaborate on raising quality standards, providing training, and presenting a unified voice as Albania’s clinical trial industry continues developing.

ACROA’s objectives are to promote use of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other guidelines for trials, represent members before local and national authorities, and partner with related groups to advance clinical research.

As Albania moves closer to joining the European Union, ACROA will help position the country’s CROs for growth and EU compliance. By working together now, they can shape the infrastructure needed for more trials ahead.

There is great potential in Albania’s emerging clinical research market that ACROA will help fulfil. The association will help regulate the industry, streamline trial execution, and highlight the country’s capabilities.

ACROA will also inform the public and media about clinical trials to aid recruitment and participation. Through conferences and training workshops, they aim to build expertise as well.

The founding of ACROA marks a collaborative step forward. By uniting Albania’s CROs, ACROA can achieve shared goals of high standards, quality trials, and growth that benefits the country.

About the Author: Flogert Dollani


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