In the framework of the DIVA (Innovative devices for the prevention of recurrent vaginites) project, the abstract “Innovative approach to recurrent vaginitis” has been accepted for poster presentation at the 39th National Congress of SIF (Società Italiana di Farmacologia) that will take place in Florence on 20-23 November 2019.

CVBF is partner in DIVA, a project aimed to develop a specific treatment for vaginitis relapsing with the aim of reducing the antibiotic-therapy.

DIVA project intends to develop an innovative treatment specific for recurrent vaginitis with the aim to reduce the use of the antibiotic therapy. In particular, this objective is acquired through the development of:

  • A food enriched with probiotic lactobacilli with antimicrobial activity and dietary fibres;
  • Device / cosmetic with bacteriostatic and fungicidal action derived from plant products;
  • Sanitary towels functionalized with bacteria and fungicidal extracts derived from plant products;

Further details on DIVA project are available at this link.

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