A new whitepaper published on 7 December 2023, in the Journal of Cell and Gene Therapy Insights is bringing attention to the big yet overlooked burden of faecal incontinence (FI) and proposing cell therapy as a transformative solution. The paper spotlights how cell therapy could provide a minimally invasive, curative option for FI patients compared to current conservative or surgical treatments.

The whitepaper explains how cell therapy involves harvesting a patient’s own cells, growing them in the lab, and then re-injecting them to regenerate damaged sphincter muscles. While still an emerging approach, the authors present a strong case for cell therapy’s potential to significantly improve FI patients’ quality of life and reduce negative socioeconomic impacts of this highly stigmatized condition.

AMELIE (Anchored Muscle cELls for IncontinencE) is an EU-funded project, which CVBF proudly supports through regulatory, site management, and monitoring services and expertise. By facilitating cutting-edge cell therapy research like AMELIE, CVBF aims to help develop effective new treatments for FI and other unmet conditions.

The newly published whitepaper makes a compelling argument for investing in cell therapy to revolutionize care for FI patients. CVBF encourages all interested parties to read the open access paper and learn about this truly innovative regenerative medicine solution.

About the Author: Flogert Dollani


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