Are you interested in paediatric drug discovery? You might find of interest the chapter “Challenges and New Frontiers in the Paediatric Drug Discovery and Development” which was included in the book “Drug Discovery and Development – New Advances” published by IntechOpen Journal.

In this chapter, the authors Angelica Intini, Donato Bonifazi and Giovanni Migliaccio from CVBF, provided an overview on the drug discovery and development path for children, highlighting challenges and new frontiers of each phase from the discovery to the preclinical and clinical development. Drug discovery and development advances in the last decades allowed to find a treatment for many preventable diseases. However, all too often, children are excluded from these progresses since most of the new medicines have been discovered and developed for the adult population. Future research strategies were underlined in the fields of paediatric biomarkers discovery, age-appropriate formulation, pregnancy and perinatal pharmacology and in silico studies.

The chapter is available at this link.

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