Since the terrible stress upon hospitals and ICUs is one of the greatest challenges the disease created, and for now possibly the most crucial point for saving life, once a person gets ill, The State of Israel is establishing a central data center, where medical electronic records (ER) of the COVID-19 patients, and particularly the Intensive Care Units (ICU) ER, shall be gathered.

The final aim is to accumulate large amounts of ICU-ER data, enough to allow a selected group of the best researchers, both medical and mathematics/computer science specialists, to find ways to improve and optimize the medical treatment given to COVID-19 patients.

For this reason, all the medical centers involved in the fight against COVID-19 are invited to fill in dataset file (that you can download here) and send it to Prof. Pierre Singer ([email protected]), the Director of the ICU of Beilinson Hospital. Prof. Pierre Singer, is a senior member of one of the research groups and can serve as the professional point of contact for additional research interaction.


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