On 20 December 2023, Donato Bonifazi, our CEO, has been selected as a permanent member of the Advisory Group of the ACT EU Multistakeholder Platform (MSP AG), as a representative of the TEDDY Network, the European Network of Excellence for Paediatric Research. The platform is a result of Accelerating Clinical Trials in the EU (ACT EU), an initiative launched in January 2022 by the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Heads of Medicines Agencies (HMA).

The MSP AG consists of five stakeholder groups, each represented by four experts. In particular, the TEDDY Network, falls under the stakeholder group of non-commercial European clinical data and translational research organizations and networks, while the other groups involved are: Patients and consumers organizations, healthcare professional organizations, research funders, and EU trade organisations.

The Multistakeholder Platform has outlined specific objectives, including:

• accelerate change and innovation in how EU clinical trials are regulated, designed, conducted and evaluated, to maximise efficiency and guarantee value for patients and citizens.

• establish regular forums to bring clinical trial stakeholders together to allow an exchange of views with regulators and among themselves;

• gain a better understanding of the needs, perspectives and roles of different stakeholders, which will build trust and open new avenues to drive change;

• identify stakeholders’ training and capacity-building needs;

• encourage and inform change across scientific, operational, legal, and regulatory areas;

• ensure timely transparency and sharing of positions reached with the relevant stakeholder groups

The aim is to increase collaboration and build mutual trust, thus improving the EU clinical trials landscape for the benefit of innovation and EU public health, ensuring that progress is focused on prioritising and safeguarding the well-being of patients.

Keep following the ACT EU webpage for relevant news and updates!

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