The 62nd AFI Symposium, titled “The healthcare supply chain: a growth driver for the country” was held in Rimini (Italy) from June 7th to June 9th, 2023. This strategic sector is crucial for the Italian economy, generating value, employment, and ensuring the health of the population. The symposium addressed the challenges and opportunities faced by the healthcare value chain, emphasizing the importance of research and development, collaboration between companies and institutions, and the adoption of innovative technologies. The symposium covered various topics, including advanced therapies, patient support, contamination control, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, pharmaceutical sciences, medical devices, and more. The event aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster collaboration, and promote sustainable development in the healthcare value chain, driving growth and success for the entire industry and the country. CVBF was represented in this symposium by our Head of Development, Arianna Bertolani.

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