CVBF is excited to announce that three new research articles counting with the participation of experts from our consortium, were recently published. 

Overview of the European post-authorisation study register post-authorization studies performed in Europe from September 2010 to December 2018analysed and described post-authorization studies (PAS) in the European PAS (EU PAS) register. There is a specific focus on multi-database studies (MDS), concluding that data recording in the EU PAS register may be further improved, including the more widespread availability of study protocols to improve transparency.

Presence and activities of clinical research coordinators at Italian Health Care Institutions: A national cross-sectional survey” aimed to assess the roles and responsibilities of clinical research coordinators (CRCs) in Italian healthcare institutions. CRCs roles and responsibilities are still not well defined, and formal recognition of their professional profile is lacking in Italy. This is the first survey investigating the presence of CRCs in Italian health care institutions and the main finding is the direct relationship between the number of studies funded by the pharmaceutical industry and the number of CRCs employed at the center, regardless of institution type or location.

“Human microbiome in children, at the crossroad of social determinants of health and personalized medicine discusses the bidirectionality of social and host–microorganism interactions in health, in children.  It highlights the importance of the microbiome for personalized medicine and the role of social determinants of health in childhood, as they might have a significant impact in shaping the microbiome, which is established mainly during the first years of life. Authors also point out the need to: i)  Improve living conditions and fighting the unequal distribution of power, money, and resources is crucial for children, and ii) the establishment of specific pediatric investigation plans that contemplate the design of studies aimed at typical childhood pathologies and the inclusion of children in clinical trials, in order to improve children’s health.

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