University Hospital Center ‘Mother Teresa’ serves both a regional as well as a tertiary role for Tirana residents. UHCT is the biggest institution in Albania and offers tertiary care, teaching and academic research. UHCT is a public institution and is financed from Health Insurance Institute and Ministry of Health. The employee number of the medical and administration staff is 2967 employee. Actually UHCT offers health care services for 300.000 out patients per year and 80.000 in patients per year. The hospital has a capacity of 1450 beds and offers medical assistance for an average of 400 patients per day. UHCT aims to improve patient safety, increase efficiency by creating the right healing environment for patients and providing the desired work environment for the staff. The Pediatric Service aims to implement best protocols in the daily professional activity. Twinning with pediatric services and specialties in countries near Albania is the focus of UHCT for the development of video conferencing, exchange of experience and staff specialization. The staff of UHCT is in continuous active participation in national and international conferences and congresses. The UHCT objective is to enable the use of new biological preparations for paediatric diseases.

In September 2017, University Hospital Center Mother Teresa in collaboration with Consorzio per Valutazioni Biologiche e Framacologiche- Albanian branch office and TEDDY Network (European Network of Excellence for Paediatric Clinical Research) has promoted the first Young Persons’ Advisory Group in Tirana named ‘KIDS Albania’ with the aim to increase awareness on paediatric clinical research and to involve children in all the phases of drug development process in Paediatric. One of the main roles of UHCT is to serve as research centre for the health sector in collaboration with Medicine University of Tirana. Rich scientific activity is naturally intertwined with the Service on pedagogical process focused on subjects for students of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing. In the last five years, the UHCT has shown active interest in participating in EU Projects addressing clinical research in paediatrics and facing the challenge of the conduct of multi-national and multicentre CTs.