The European Commission has released a factsheet about the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for EU countries aimed to provide effective progresses in every field of scientific research, affordability and distribution of medicines.

What EU has registered since the pandemic has begun, is an increase in spending pharmaceutical, shortage of drugs and often at inexpensive prices, absence of therapies for 95% of rare diseases and many deaths caused each year by antimicrobial resistance.

The Commission had already published a communication last 11 November to underline the importance of new strategies and implementations to improve EU systems, in particular the one regarding health.

EU Commission has provided a series of achievements to reach, in the field of pharmaceuticals, all included in the general factsheet. The main proposals are focused on research and innovation, clinical trials, policies relating to prices and refunds, Investments in research, development and production of new medicines, creation of an EU Preparation Authority and Health Emergency Response (HERA) and reduction of the environmental impact of medicines.

A proposal for revision of the pharmaceutical legislation, as reported on EU Commission website, will be taken into account in 2022.

The factsheet can be downloaded from EU Commission website, at the following link https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/fs_20_2201

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